Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise

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  • Full Name: Jane Anika Forsberg
  • Age: 27
  • Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
  • Date of Birth: 3rd November
  • Parents:  Wilbur and Janice Forsberg
  • Siblings:  Three older brothers (NPC)
  • Occupation: Mechanic at D.Cox Auto Repairs
  • Education: Graduated high school in Athens, BA and MA in Mechanical Engineering from PU
  • Sexuality: Straight

Short Background: 

  • Growing up in a family full of elder brothers, Jane was never the most feminine or girly of all girls. As the baby of the family, she had grown up alongside her brothers who had grown to be rugged and rough men who found joy in sports, cars and rock music which soon wore off on their baby sister. Pretty dresses, fluffing over hair and make up and all those stupid girly things had never interested Jane. Instead she was the kind of girl who was always hanging alongside the boys and never afraid to get down and dirty, or occasionally in a few fights. With her reputation of being one of the boys, many girls often stereotyped her as being a whore and believed that guys were just using her for sex but that simply wasn’t true. However, the fact that other women believe she was a freak in bed was something that invigorated her no matter how much of a lie it was. She moved in to Portsmouth to study and when she graduated, decided to stay there for all the friends she made and opportunists she had.


  • Considers herself as “one of the boys”.
  • Is still a virgin, however, she enjoys that fact that women think that men want her sexually.
  • Dislikes high heels and dresses but will wear them if forced to.


  • Neighbor of Max McLaine
  • Friends with Joshua Smith
  • Determined to pull Cameron Laine to work at D.Cox Auto Repairs
GIfs: x, x, x, x, x | FC: Lily RabeStatus: OPEN

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I know what you’re trying to do. Mess me up, make be doubt myself. You think I’m stupid because of where I came from. Well, I’m not so easily bought, and I ain’t that easily fooled. 

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#100 FLAWLESS LADIES  (in no particular order)
↳ Lily Rabe [6/100]

"A cable series is a beautiful thing because there’s such amazing writing happening on television, and it’s a schedule that allows you to do a play or two. There’s a reason everybody wants that job!

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Lily Rabe on The Writers’ Room - American Horror Story

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Hard at work my Veil buddies

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Clove Sikes | FC: Lily Rabe  | OPEN

Age: 594

Species: Faerie

Court: Unseelie Court 

Occupation: Member of The Redcaps

Clove has a lack of morals and little regard for basic decency. With a genuine enjoyment for cruelty and an unpredictable demeanor, she is a ticking time bomb. Clove is perfectly suited for her position, enjoying the carnage and brutality that goes along with it. When a particularly grisly job has to be done in The Redcaps, Clove and her brother, Kane, are the go-to members. Clove certainly isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Many would call Clove insane, and it’s hard to deny that the faerie woman does act unhinged with extreme violent tendencies and an inability to feel guilty at her actions. Clove often takes things too far, having no filter or self-control. She has a sick, violent sense of humor that can leave even her most reckless friends in disbelief. Her coercion techniques and fear tactics will more often than not end bloody and painful.  She enjoys toying with others in cruel ways, liking to play with her food before she eats it. 



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Back at it #makinmovies w @pillypie22 #lilyrabe #horror #TheVeil 😱🎥🎬👍

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Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson together At the Steel Magnolias Opening Night (2005)

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Name: Professor Carolyn Green
Age: 26
Subject: Music
Face Claim:Lily Rabe
Status: Open

It didn’t take long for Carolyn to find a job right out of college. She wanted to do something easy and music was one of those things that came easily to her. In fact, there were many things that came with no effort at all to her. She was aware of her gift to be a Jill-of-all-trades, and she wasn’t afraid to use it to her benefit. She was a very beautiful woman and that helped her along with getting the things she wanted. With such a variety of talents and skill topped with the beauty she’d been born with, life was a walk in the park for Carolyn.

She also had a very dominant personality. Though she always treated people as equals and was a generally happy, fun-loving person - when she was discussing something serious, you could almost feel the atmosphere in the room shift. Every conversation would be withheld and everyone would stop to listen to what was being said, which came in handy when you were a teacher.

Bryant wasn’t the first school Carolyn had worked for. She’d worked at two other colleges before and only stayed for one year at each. She had nothing personal against the staff or students, but nothing exciting happened in those places. Carolyn was always one for a good adventure and quickly got bored if her life was not filled with them.

Though this was only her first year teaching at Bryant, from what she heard through the grapevine, this school was full of odd things. Something strange always seemed to be happening here. This looked like a place that she could really fit in and hopefully stay.


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Life’s too short for so much sorrow.

I know everything. I’m the Devil

Why would you kill God’s innocent creatures?

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Untitled auf We Heart It -

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