Life’s too short for so much sorrow.

I know everything. I’m the Devil

Why would you kill God’s innocent creatures?

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Meet Hera, she is a daughter of Kronus and Rhea and looks a lot like Lily Rabe.

The role of HERA is OPEN / TAKEN


❝Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.❞


Hera is the Greek goddess of familial love, heaven, marriage, motherhood, and women. She is the eldest sister and wife of  Zeus, making her Queen of Olympus. Hera was born to the Titans Kronos and Rhea. She and her four older siblings were devoured by Kronos after he learned of his destiny to be overthrown by his children. Zeus, the youngest child and her future husband, rescued her and her siblings by making Kronos regurgitate them. After the First Titanomachy ended, Zeus sought after Hera, but she rejected his advances. Zeus then transformed himself into an injured bird and as she took the bird in her arms, he assumed his true form. Although she was upset with his deception, she eventually married him and became the Queen of the gods.

Over time, Zeus became unfaithful to her, and had many children with mortal women. This frustrated Hera to no end, and devoted most of her time to keeping Zeus in her sight. She also made the lives of his mistresses and his illegitimate children hell. Hera gave birth to Hephaestus, without the aid of any man as she was jealous that Zeus had borne Athena by himself. When Hera saw the unsightly appearance of her son, she was disgusted and threw him off Olympus, crippling him forever. This act of cruelty has haunted her son, and has caused him to be bitter with life and to prefer the company of inventions rather than his own family. 

When Eris threw the Apple of Discord bearing the inscription, “To The Fairest” Hera was one of the candidates to claim it. Paris, the prince of Troy was chosen to judge the three goddess Aphrodite, Athena and Hera. Hera offered Paris the choice to become master of all Asia and Europe. Paris chose Aphrodite in the end, which enraged not only Athena, but Hera as well. This decision made the two goddess side with Greeks in revenge and took part in his downfall. Hera seems to be a motherly goddess, likely because she is the goddess of women, marriage, and children. She is, however, very proud and jealous when provoked, insulted or shown unfaithfulness. When crossed, even Zeus can be afraid of his wife.

Hera carries great loathing for the illegitimate children and mistresses of Zeus, though for good reason as she is the goddess of marriage. Therefore, she is often portrayed as being extremely jealous of Zeus’ mistresses and hates the other offspring. She is seen as often aware of Zeus’ various affairs, many times thwarting them and tricking him into getting what she wants. Though perhaps her anger should be more keyed toward her husband, Hera seems to gain revenge by punishing the women involved as well as the children that result from his affairs, though this may be because Zeus is the more powerful than her. As goddess of marriage, Hera is “used to perseverance,” and is always reconciled with Zeus despite his frequent infidelity

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Olive Coffey  Thirty-Three  Grief Counselor  FC: Lily Rabe

"It was nothing that I was doing wrong, it’s just what it is."


From the age of twelve years old, Olive Coffey has been followed around by death, or at least, that’s what she’d tell you. Not that she talks about it, because people would think she’s more odd than they already might. When Olive was in seventh grade, her father died of an accident. He tripped and fell down a flight of stairs in their home, while she was at school. She had awakened that morning with a strong sense that something bad would happen, but had decided to ignore it, when that happened. Since then, she’s blamed herself, believing that she could have stopped it if she had followed her instincts. That wasn’t the only time she felt it, either. Over the years, she’s met people who give her that chill, and she just knows that something is going to happen. When she realized that she really did have that gift, or curse, as some would call it, she thought something was really wrong with her. She never told anyone; not her mother, not her siblings, not even a counselor. She continued to try and ignore it, hoping that the bad things would stop if she did, but no matter what she did, it followed her wherever she went. Eventually she gave into it, and decided that if she couldn’t overcome it entirely, then she would embrace it. This led to her taking a job as a grief counselor, so that she could hopefully help others going through what she’d been through.

After years of dealing with these situations, nothing stood out to her, really. It all just seemed to blend together after a while, and she didn’t mind that. Until one day, she read an article online about the suicides in Maywood Hills, Connecticut. This wasn’t the first time that she’d read an article similar to this, but for whatever reason, something was nagging at her, and soon enough, she found herself packing up and going there to check things out herself. It seemed like the perfect place to continue her work, because everyone in town would need counseling after events like that. What she wasn’t expecting, was for there to be such a strong sense all throughout town, stronger than she’d ever felt before. While she fears what may be coming, she’s stuck around this long to try and help. She’s finally embracing her sixth sense fully, and believes that maybe if she stops fighting it, even the slightest bit, then she’ll be able to stop the next murder or suicide. Because of this, she has taken permanent residency in Maywood Hills, and no longer keeps to herself in her off hours. She’s determined to figure out who or what is doing all of this, because she couldn’t handle it if she let all of this go unnoticed.


✔ Graceful, Observant, Charming

✖ Regretful, Apologetic, Detached


Shawn Johnson [Curiosity] - The two have crossed paths a few times but she doesn’t really know him. Olive does, however, know about the death of his friend. She finds it rather tragic that he keeps acting out and doesn’t believe that he’s made peace with the loss of his friend. Olive wants to help the young man but doesn’t quite know how to approach him appropriately. He doesn’t seem the type who is willing to talk.

Larissa Morano [Friend] - Both being somewhat eccentric, the two get along quite well. She knows about Larissa’s brother having died in a car accident and offers comfort when she feels she needs it. Larissa is one of the only people that knows why Olive is really in town. She speaks freely with her about wanting to stop the murders from happening, and sometimes even goes into details about her sixth sense. 

Lana Greer [Friend] - Olive and Lana aren’t best friends or anything similar but they do like one another and Olive has invited Lana for coffee in the past. They met in Lana’s bookstore and have kept in touch ever since. Olive likes to spend time in the bookstore, going through old papers that may help her solve the murder mystery, and she’s quite fond of Lana too. She trusts her enough not to hide why she’s there.


This character does not currently have a secret.

You can find gifs for this character here: (x)(x)

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Vintage 1930’s Embroidered Silk Stole - Rubylane

Inspired by Misty Day - American Horror Story: Coven

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H-O-R-S-E. #workcation #somanyoaks #thousands #eloises @privateshannon

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Costume Worn by Jill Clayburgh as Carole Lombard in “Gable & Lombard”

Edith Head



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American Horror Story Cast (Present and Past)

Lily Rabe/

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Lily Rabe | American Horror Story
First/Last Appearances[x]

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Requested by anonymous

A follow-up of my first masterpost (Sarah Paulson) which you can find here.  This is a list of Lily Rabe’s almost-complete filmography and links on where to watch them freely and safely. Again, not all of her movies are listed, because not all of them are unavailable. Enjoy!


Mona Lisa Smile (2003) Full Movie *she’s only an extra in this movie*

A Crime (2006) Full Movie

No Reservations (2007) Full Movie

What Just Happened (2008) Full Movie

The Toe Tactic (2008) Trailer

Weakness (2010) Full Movie

All Good Things (2010) Full Movie

Letters from the Big Man (2011) Trailer

Redemption Trail (2013) Trailer


Law and Order: Criminal Intent – Scared Crazy (2005)

Law and Order: SVU – Recall (2006)

Nip/Tuck – Kyle Ainge (2008)

Medium – Wicked Game: Part One, Part Two (2008)

Saving Grace – You Can’t Save Them All, Grace (2010)

Law and Order – Crashers (2010)

The Good Wife – Wrongful Termination, Going for the Gold

American Horror Story (2011-present) Murder House,Asylum,Coven

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Sister Mary Eunice portrait progression

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Lily Rabe (Instagram)

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The following roles are reopened due to the person not sending in their links on time:

  1. Chloe Jones (Taylor Swift FC)
  2. Misty Day (Lily Rabe FC)
  3. Sam Winchester (Jared Padelecki FC)
  4. Prince Gumball (Luke Hemmings FC)

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